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What organelles are known as the "power houses" of the cell?
a) nucleus b) vacuoles c) cell membrane d) mitochondria
Which organelle allows substances to come in and out of the cell?
a) cell membrane b) cytoplasm c) chromosome d) cell wall
Which organelles are found only in plant cells?
a) cell membrane and cell wall b) cell wall and chloroplasts c) cell wall and chromosomes d) lysosomes and ribosomes
Which is not necessary for the survival of a species?
a) growth b) adaptation c) reproduction d) cell division
complete the sentence: Cells can be easily seen....
a) through a microscope. b) under a magnifying glass. c) on your face. d) by the naked eye.
Unicellular organisms are made up of ______cell(s)
a) many b) one c) three d) two
_____________ refers to the increase in the size or number of cells.
a) transport b) reproduction c) regulation d) growth
The ___________ of a cell contains all the cells chromosomes and DNA.
a) nucleus b) chloroplast c) lysosome d) mitochondria
Which is not an example of a living thing
a) flower b) worm c) dirt d) butterfly
Organisms with more than one cell are called
a) unicellular b) multicellular c) optcellular d) prokaryotic
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