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This group used blow guns and fought against the British in the American Revolution
a) Houma b) Choctaw c) Tunica d) Caddo
Found in Epps, LA, this is the site of the oldest indians on the North American continent
a) Poverty Point b) Mississippi Bubble c) Cabildo d) Natchez
This group invented the Red Stick as a pole with killed animals that marked territories
a) Houma b) Choctaw c) Tunica d) Caddo
This person explored the Mississippi River and claimed it for the King of France
a) Unzaga b) La Salle c) Iberville d) O'Reilly
Nomads are...
a) people expelled from their home country b) people who settle in one area c) people who move from place to place d) people who explore the Mississippi River
French people expelled from Nova Scotia and settled in LA
a) Mesomen b) Nomads c) Islenos d) Acadians
A group sharing a common ancestry, language, name, and way of life
a) clan b) tribe c) nation d) atlatl
A group related by blood
a) clan b) tribe c) nation d) herd
Which group of Native Americans were mound builders and used agriculture to create permanent homes?
a) Late Neo Indians b) Meso Indians c) Paleo Indians d) Ancient Indians
Piles of dirt, usually used for religious purposes, by Native Americans are known as...
a) temple mounds b) pyramids c) Poverty Point d) atlatl
Nicknamed Bloody ________, he was the Spanish governor who punished the French that ran out Ulloa
a) Iberville b) La Salle c) Unzaga d) O'Reilly
This person was chosen by King Louis XIV to start a colony in Louisiana
a) Iberville b) La Salle c) Unzaga d) O'Reilly
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