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What is a capital?
a) the city that is the center of government b) Opposite of lower-case c) d)
What is a siege?
a) A military blockade or attack on a city b) a surrender c) d)
What is an aqueduct?
a) The study of stars and planets b) Pipes that bring water to the city c) d)
What is an empire?
a) A large territory with one ruler b) A baseball ref c) d)
What is astronomy?
a) Fake grass b) The study of stars and planets c) d)
What is tribute?
a) Pipes that bring water to the city b) Wealth sent from one group to another c) d)
Siege is a military _____.
a) surrender b) blockade c) d)
Aqueducts are _____ that carry water.
a) pipes b) tunnels c) d)
Astronomy is the study of the ________.
a) oceans and countries b) stars and planets c) d)
An empire is a large _________ with one leader.
a) territory b) mystery c) d)
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