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This is the longest paragraph in you cover letter and it should detail your qualifications and experience.
a) Main Paragraph b) Closing Paragraph c) Central Paragraph d) Introduction
The first paragraph of a cover letter tells why your are writing and is called...
a) Conclusion b) Body c) Main paragraph d) Introduction
Your objective statement should change based on the type of job you are applying for.
a) True b) False c) d)
This is the document that should always accompany a Resume.
a) Cover Letter b) Application c) Portfolio d) None of the above
What word should not be used in a Resume?
a) Me b) I c) My d) All of the above
How long do most employers look at a Resume?
a) 30 Minutes b) 30 seconds c) 1 Hour d) None of the above
Which of the following would NOT be an acceptable person to use as a reference?
a) Coach b) Teacher c) Uncle d) Former Boss
This is often considered the most important part of the Resume.
a) Header b) Education c) Experience d) Objective Statement
What is included in the Header of a Resume
a) Your objective b) The amount of experience you have c) Your name and contact information d) None of the above
This paragraph contains contact information, says thanks you, and requests an interview
a) Introduction b) Main paragraph c) Conclusion d) None of the above
Your Resume should be limited to...
a) Three pages b) Half of a page c) One page d) None of the above
This is the section of your Resume that would include special skills or talents you may have. For example: type 60 word per minute or speak multiple languages
a) Activities b) Experience c) Education d) Summary of Skills
This section is especially important to high school students with little experience, it includes special activities, clubs, and organizations you may have been involved with.
a) Experience b) Heading c) Activities d) Summary of Skills
A good Professional Reference would be...
a) A former Coach b) Your Grandma c) A former teacher d) A former co-worker or boss
You should always include your G.P.A in your Resume whether it is good or bad.
a) True b) False c) d)
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