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What type of economy does Japan have?
a) Free market b) Command c) Mixed d) Traditional
Which is not true about Hong Kong
a) It is under communist rule b) It was once owned by United kingdom c) Given to China as part of a special administrative region d) It has a free market economy
What is used to make steele
a) iron ore b) manganese c) chromite d) all three
What is the green revolution
a) reform modernizing agriculture and increasing food production b) greenhouses are built c) people start planting organic gardens in cities and urban areas d) China changed their national color to Green.
What is meant by cottage industries?
a) building of cottages b) employers pay cottage owners for the use of their home c) people work from home using their own equipment d) interior decorating
Which of the following is not a member of the Asian Tigers?
a) Taiwan b) China c) Singapore d) South Korea
What type of products come from many different Asian countries today?
a) Gas b) War supplies c) Electronics d) animal pelts
Who is the region's economic giant?
a) India b) Korea c) Japan d) China
Merchants traveled the Silk Road from China to as far as ______.
a) Pakistan b) the Mediterranean region c) Kazakhstan d) The Indian Ocean
What is an issue in China and India right now due to their rapid economic growth?
a) not enough jobs b) pollution levels c) depletion of natural resources d) Marco Polo
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