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____________ experiments provided the first evidence that atoms are made of smaller particles, called subatomic particles.
a) Ernest Rutherford's b) John Dalton's c) J.J. Thomson's d) Neils Bohr's
The __________ is a dense, positively charged mass located near the center of the atom.
a) electron b) neucleus c) proton d) neutron
A(n) __________ is the smallest subatomic particle, located outside of the nucleus.
a) proton b) electron c) neutron d) nucleus
_____________ are subatomic particles located inside of the nucleus with the same mass.
a) protons and neutrons b) protons and electrons c) electrons and neutrons d)
The atomic number of an atom is equal to the number of ________ in the atom.
a) electrons b) neutrons c) protons d)
The mass number of an atom is equal to the number of ____________ in the atom.
a) protons and electrons b) electrons and neutrons c) protons and neutrons d)
Atoms of different elements can never have the same number of __________ in the nucleus
a) electrons b) neutrons c) protons d)
Isotopes are atoms of the same element that have different number of ____________
a) protons b) neutrons c) electrons d)
The number of neutrons is equal to the ____________________
a) atomic number - mass number b) atomic number + mass number c) mass number x atomic number d) mass number - atomic number
What scientist discovered electrons by completing experiments with electricity in empty tubes?
a) J.J. Thomson b) Ernest Rutherford c) Neils Bohr d) John Dalton
What experiment did Ernest Rutherford complete?
a) The Cathode Ray Tube Experiment b) The Gold Foil Experiment c) The Atomic Emission Spectrum d)
What did Ernest Rutherford discover in his experiment, and then add to the model of the atom?
a) electrons b) electron energy levels c) neutrons d) nucleus
Protons have a charge of
a) +1 b) 0 c) -1 d)
Neutrons have a charge of
a) +1 b) 0 c) -1 d)
Electrons have a charge of
a) +1 b) 0 c) -1 d)
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