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Bill walked ___ from the fight.
a) could b) away c) around d) after
That not is ___ Santa.
a) friend b) from c) first d) could
She placed the bird ____ the nest.
a) upon b) after c) up d) use
I could do it ___ I practiced.
a) once b) ever c) over d) under
Do you have ___ paper?
a) many b) ate c) any d) around
Nanny likes to drink lots of ____.
a) water b) watch c) when d) where
Ben and Tam must work _____.
a) after b) together c) which d) want
What ____ we do now?
a) should b) catch c) grow d) under
Do you think a pretty plant will ____?
a) grow b) grin c) away d) way
What should we do ___?
a) new b) now c) next d) never
Which ___ did Ben walk?
a) way b) want c) any d) away
Do you know ___ the sun comes up?
a) why b) who c) where d) any
I hope to watch the plant ____ big and strong.
a) grin b) grow c) give d) grip
Tessa ___ help her sister.
a) fish b) many c) should d) sure
Kell must leave right ___!
a) now b) new c) next d) know
Plants need ___ to grow big and strong.
a) grow b) water c) under d) every
I don't want to sleep ___ more.
a) any b) after c) every d) away
___ upon a time, there was a pretty kitten.
a) One b) Once c) Done d) Eat
Don't stay ___ too long!
a) away b) any c) after d) under
Beck is not ___ Alabama.
a) friend b) from c) flick d) after
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