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I LOVE going to that ____.
a) place b) plant c) under d) could
Poppy sees ___ fish.
a) many b) any c) much d) help
I will help her ___ I help him.
a) again b) after c) under d) around
Walking ___ is good exercise.
a) around b) at c) after d) again
Pax didn't ___ to call his mom.
a) all b) catch c) want d) what
Dia found __ pen under the desk.
a) under b) after c) help d) her
Jess will ___ you on her phone.
a) all b) call c) friend d) could
Timmy helped ___ his friends.
a) all b) called c) after d) again
Flint went for a long ____.
a) well b) walk c) watch d) want
I placed the cup over ____.
a) under b) want c) three d) there
Pam picked up ___ her toys.
a) call b) all c) after d) around
Pete wishes he could ___ his gran!
a) call b) all c) could d) cat
Belle keeps all ___ plants watered.
a) her b) him c) help d) have
What do you ___ for Christmas?
a) what b) when c) want d) around
Put the icing ___ the cake's edge.
a) around b) all c) other d) when
Eat your cake ___ you eat your dinner!
a) around b) after c) other d) and
Luke didn't get ___ pennies.
a) many b) male c) match d) call
This is a beautiful ___ to live.
a) pile b) place c) could d) around
You must ___ before you can run
a) well b) which c) want d) walk
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