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The Old Kingdom of Egypt was best known for its
a) pharaohs b) peacefulness c) mummies and pyramids d) strength
Eyptians enjoyed a period of stability, prosperity, and achievement during this time.
a) New Kingdom b) Gold Kingdom c) Old Kingdom d) Middle Kingdom
Forced payments made to the pharaoh by conquered peoples are
a) tributes b) incense c) Thebes d) Hatshepsut
Which Egyptian ruler built many new temples?
a) Seti I b) Amenhotep IV c) Tutankhamen d) Ramses II
Egyptian queen who ruled from 1503 - 1482 BC
a) Tutankhamen b) Hatshepsut c) Thebes d) Ramses II
What was the capital city during the Middle Kingdom
a) Tutankhamen b) Hatshepsut c) Thebes d) Ramses II
This Egyptian ruler's reign began the time known as the New Kingdom.
a) Hatshepsut b) Thutmose III c) Ahmose d) Nefertitti
A material burned for it's pleasant smell is
a) tribute b) incense c) Thebes d) Hatshepsut
The boy who became pharaoh at age 10
a) Ahmose b) Hatshepsut c) Ramses II d) Tutankhamen
This ruler avoided military conquests and expanded Egypt's economy.
a) Hatshepsut b) Nefertiti c) Thutmose II d) Ramses II
During which kingdom was Egypt experiencing peace and stability?
a) Old b) Gold c) Middle d) New
What is the main reason for the decline and fall of the Egyptian empire
a) too interested in religion b) attacked by people with stronger weapons c) crops failed d) built too many temples and ran out of money
During which kingdom were the most important and well known pharaohs from?
a) Old b) Gold c) Middle d) New
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