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The money gained from the sale of a good or service after all the costs needed to make the sale are subtracted from the amount received
a) resource b) profit c) fur trader d) pelt
A source or supply of a useful material such as fur, wood, or oil.
a) resource b) guide c) clerk d) hunter
A term used for a European or American involved in the fur trade. Often it refers to a person in charge of a trading post.
a) voyageur b) clerk c) guide d) fur trader
An animal skin with the fur on it.
a) clerk b) hunter c) pelt d) profit
A person, usually a man, who spent most of his time hunting or trapping animals for food and for pelts.
a) clerk b) hunter c) fur trader d) voyageur
A person hired to help voyageurs and fur traders find their way through unfailiar lands.
a) interpreter b) clerk c) fur trader d) guide
A person who translates for people who speak a different language.
a) clerk b) interpreter c) hunter d) guide
A man who managed the day-to-day business at a fur trading post.
a) guide b) voyageur c) fur trader d) clerk
A workman who performed the physical labor of the fur trade, including transporting beaver pelts and trade goods by canoe.
a) voyageur b) clerk c) hunter d) interpreter
What was the goal of the Dakota and Ojibwe in the fur trade?
a) To make a profit b) To get goods that would make their life easier c) To make hats d) To get furs
What was the goal of the European Americans in the fur trade?
a) To make a profit b) To get goods that would make their life easier c) To get guns d) To find new lands
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