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After the French Revolution, the class system…
a) remained the same b) changed very little c) was eliminated d) included just two estates.
This event inspired an uprising against the nobles.
a) fall of the Bastille b) Reign of Terror c) Execution of th king d) reign of Napoleon
Napoleon Bonaparte used his power to change France into an empire. What other change did he bring to France?
a) He raised taxes b) He devised a new legal code for France c) He ended European wars d) He created a bureaucracy based on social class or birth.
The Declaration of Rights of Man and of the Citizen states the powers of government came from the people, not the king. Who wrote the document?
a) Thomas Jefferson b) Marquis De Lafayette c) Napoleon Bonaparte d) Robespierre
All of the following fueled French desires to revolt against the monarchy EXCEPT the ______________________________.
a) ideas of the Enlightenment b) Declaration of Independence c) Reign of Terror d) American Revolution
What influence did the Enlightenment have on the French Revolution?
a) Many people wanted to create a democratic government. b) The Enlightenment created a desire to expand the country’s borders c) Many people desired the freedom and equality that were ideals of the Enlightenment. d) The Enlightenment did not affect the French Revolution.
During the mid-1700s, the French people were divided into estates, or classes. Which of the following formed the largest and poorest class in French society?
a) First Estate b) Second Estate c) Third Estate d) Fourth Estate
What country sent troops to help the American colonists win the Revolutionary War?
a) Great Britain b) France c) Germany d) Spain
The French people were unhappy with their government because of unequal tax burdens, government debts, the financial crisis, and ________________.
a) fall of the Bastille b) Reign of Terror c) National Assembly d) Unfair social divisions
Nationalism is most likely to develop in an area that has
a) land suited to agriculture b) adequate industry to supply consumer demands c) a moderate climate with rivers for irrigation d) common customs, language, and history
Nationalism is best defined as
a) the achievement of world peace and global understanding b) the desire to take over other societies by force c) a method of solving basic economic problems of the society d) the loyalty of a people to their values, traditions, and a geographic region
The best example of the success of nationalism in Europe is the
a) development of socialism in France b) Industrial Revolution in Great Britain c) establishment of the Common Market d) unification of Germany
What person declared himself emperor of France?
a) Otto Von Bismark b) Napoleon Bonaparte c) Giuseppe Garibaldi d) Wilhelm 1
What person used Guerilla warfare to unite Italy?
a) Otto Von Bismark b) Napoleon Bonaparte c) Giuseppe Garibaldi d) Wilhelm 1
What person followed a policy of “blood and iron” to unite Germany?
a) Otto Von Bismark b) Napoleon Bonaparte c) Giuseppe Garibaldi d) Wilhelm 1
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