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A military unit that helps protect the land is called:
a) navy b) nautical c) cosmonaut d) navigator
The root 'naut' refers to:
a) the dessert b) rope c) the sea d) stars
A person who plans where a ship will travel is a :
a) cosmonaut b) navigator c) astronaut d) Argonaut
To learn to steer a boat through the water you must learn to:
a) nauseous b) extraterrestrial c) mediterranean d) navigate
The root 'sub' means:
a) below b) earth c) navigate d) travel
pottery that is brownish-red and made from the earth is called:
a) mediterranean b) extraterrestrial c) terra cotta d) space
people who travel into space so that we may learn more about it are:
a) extraterrestrials b) astronauts c) geographers d) geologists
a person who studies rocks is called:
a) geographer b) terrace c) geologist d) territory
astronaut is to space as navigator is to :
a) dessert b) space c) earth d) sea
traveling around the globe is called:
a) sailing b) mediterranean c) circumnavigating d) navigate
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