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the part of the Roman republic that elected officials
a) legion b) senate c) assembly d) legend
official who rules with complete power, suppose to be temporary
a) veto b) senate c) reform d) dictator
a) senate b) legion c) dictator d) legislative
a group of 3,00-6,000 soldiers within the Roman army
a) veto b) senate c) legion d) legend
the lawmaking body of the government
a) veto b) legend c) senate d) reform
a) legion b) reform c) legend d) veto
the belief that all free citizens should be treated equally under the law
a) senate b) republic c) equal rights d) legion
a story from the past
a) legion b) reform c) veto d) legend
a) legion b) veto c) reform d) senate
the form of government in which the people elect representatives to govern them
a) reform b) legend c) assembly d) republic
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