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Which land biome covers the most area on Earth?
a) desert b) taiga c) grassland d) temperate deciduous forest
What is the main way people have reduced habitats for wild species in grasslands?
a) building homes b) making roads c) plowing the land for cereal crops d) all of the above
Which of the following biomes has weather that is warm and wet year-round?
a) desert b) taiga c) grassland d) tropical rain forest
Why have people cleared so much of Earth’s tropical rain forests?
a) lumber b) ranches c) farms d) all of the above
How do temperate rain forests differ from tropical rain forests?
a) Temperate rain forests are a source of lumber while tropical rain forests are not. b) Temp. r. f. have nutrient rich soil, allowing trees to grow back when harvested, while trop. r. f. have nutrient poor soil. c) Temperate rain forests are moist year round and tropical rain forests stay dry most of the year. d) all of the above
In which biome does drilling for oil and gas interrupt migration patterns?
a) desert b) taiga c) grassland d) tundra
dominant plants lose their leaves every autumn
a) temperate deciduous forest b) tundra c) temperate rain forest d) tropical rain forest
dominant plants are cone-bearing evergreen trees
a) desert b) tropical rain forest c) taiga d) grassland
dominant plants are grasses
a) taiga b) grassland c) tundra d) desert
cold, dry, treeless biomes in far north
a) tundra b) temperate rain forest c) taiga d) desert
. populated by moose, bears, lynx, shrews, foxes
a) desert b) taiga c) grassland d) tundra
perfect for growing crops and raising cattle and sheep
a) grassland b) tundra c) taiga d) desert
dominant plants are firs, spruces, and cedars that grow very high
a) temperate deciduous forest b) temperate rain forest c) tropical rain forest d) grassland
Which is NOT an aquatic ecosystem?
a) freshwater b) estuary c) wetland d) taiga
How do people use water from freshwater ecosystems?
a) drinking b) crop irrigation c) bathing d) all of the options
Wetlands contain which of the following?
a) only freshwater b) only saltwater c) very little nutrients d) either freshwater or saltwater
What are areas where freshwater meets saltwater called?
a) wetlands b) estuaries c) coastal byways d) intertidal zones
Which natural disaster is made worse when people destroy estuaries?
a) flooding and storm damage b) tornados c) earthquake d) drought
In the open ocean, where does photosynthesis take place?
a) from the ocean floor to a depth of 1,000 m b) from 1,000 m to 200 m c) from 200 m to the surface d) in all the zones
What special adaptations do intertidal species have?
a) 1. adaptations to resist UV rays b) 2. adaptations for surviving exposure to air c) 3. adaptations for surviving heavy waves d) both 2 and 3
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