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Brian's mother bought him a ____________________.
a) book b) hammer c) cell phone d) hatchet
Lacking clarity or distinctness; not very clear in one's mind
a) rigid b) vague c) spasm d) turbulence
intense feeling of suffering; acute mental or physical pain
a) tundra b) drone c) audible d) agony
violent unsteady motion of air or water
a) turbulence b) drone c) spasm d) tundra
a low continuous dull sound
a) tundra b) drone c) spasm d) rigid
fixed and unmoving
a) tundra b) spasm c) drone d) rigid
a painful and involuntary muscular contraction
a) tundra b) vague c) spasm d) drone
the line where the land (Earth) meets the sky
a) horizon b) tundra c) agony d) audible
Heard by the ear
a) audible b) tundra c) horizon d) rigid
A vast treeless plain where subsoil is permanently frozen
a) rigid b) tundra c) drone d) agony
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