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a) Taking credit for someone else's ideas. b) borrowing work c) see d)
a) soft b) rough harsh coarse c) nice d)
a) safe b) harmful and lethal c) peaceful d)
a) hidden, undercover b) out in the open c) popular d)
a) calm and peaceful b) boring c) stress d)
a) going off the main subject b) counterfeit c) planned d)
The storm ___________ed the amount of fish we caught.
a) hamper b) help c) fix d)
I used my own words to make sure I avioded
a) plagiarism b) countereit c) cheating d)
The cleaner was too _______ and scratched my tub.
a) soft b) abrasive c) perfect d)
a) narrow minded person b) open minded person c) closed minded person d)
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