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Two numbers, a and b, that satisfy the equation a+b=0.
a) Function b) Scatter Plot c) Additive Inverse d) Multiplicative Inverse
An equation or a graph that describes, at least approximately, the relationship between two variables.
a) Inverse Variation b) Mathematical Model c) Linear Relationship d) Function
Non-numerical data sets.
a) Categorical Variables b) Outlier c) Scatter Plot d) Mathematical Model
A nonlinear relationship in which the product of two variables is constant. This relationship can be represented by an equation of the form y=kx, or xy=k, where k is a constant.
a) Function b) Inverse Variation c) Multiplicative Inverse d) Linear Relationship
A measure of the strength of a linear relationship between two variables using a decimal number between −1 and 1.
a) Slope b) Residual c) Additive Inverse d) Correlation Coefficient
The error calculated by finding the difference between an actual data point and the value that a model for the data predicts.
a) Slopre b) Scatter Plot c) Residual d) Categorical Variable
Two numbers, a and b, that satisfy the equation ab=1.
a) Additive Inverse b) Residual c) Multiplicative Inverse d) Correlation Coefficient
A value that lies far from the “center” of a distribution. This is a relative term, but it indicates a data point that is much higher or much lower than the values that could be normally expected for the distribution.
a) Outlier b) Slope c) Categorical Variables d) Scatter Plot
The number that expresses the steepness of a line. This number is the ratio of the vertical change to the horizontal change between any two points on the line.
a) Outlier b) Residual c) Linear Relationship d) Slope
A graph used to explore the relationship between two variables.
a) Mathmatical Model b) Residual c) Correlation Coefficient d) Scatter Plot
A relationship in which there is a constant rate of change between two variables. This relationship can be represented by a straight-line graph and by an equation of the form y=mx+b. In the equation, m is the slope of the line, and b is the y-int.
a) Inverse Variation b) Linear Relationship c) Mathematical Model d) Functions
A relationship between two variables in which the value of one variable depends on the value of the other variable.
a) Linear Relationship b) Function c) Inverse Variation d) Mathmatical Model
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