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The overall function of the cytoskeleton
a) Gives the cell structure and shape b) Cellular movement and movement of fluids c) Protects the cell d) Controls the movement of substances into and out of the cell.
Which of the following components of the cytoskeleton are important in moving organelles, moving the DNA during division and forming cilia and flagella?
a) microfilaments b) intermediate filaments c) microtubules d) actin filaments
Cilia and flagella are primarily used to
a) provide protection, support and shape to the cell b) divide cells c) give the cell its strength and stability d) move the cell and surrounding fluids
This jelly-like substance fills the interior of the cell and helps it maintain it's structure
a) cytoskeleton b) cytoplasm c) endoplasmic reticulum d) vacuole
This cell structure controls the movement of substances into and out of the cell
a) cell membrane b) cell wall c) cytoplasm d) nuclear envelope
This cell structure stores and protects the genetic information (DNA)
a) nucleus b) nucleolus c) rough ER d) Golgi apparatus
This cellular structure is a dense region of DNA that makes ribosomes.
a) nucleolus b) nucleus c) Golgi apparatus d) rough ER
This organelle produces proteins
a) ribosome b) smooth ER c) Golgi apparatus d) vesicle
This organelle produces and modifies membrane proteins
a) rough ER b) smooth ER c) ribosomes d) Golgi apparatus
This organelle processes, sorts, packages and ships proteins where they need to go
a) Golgi apparatus b) smooth ER c) mitochondria d) chloroplast
This organelle divides materials from the cytoplasm and ships them place to place
a) vesicle b) vacuole c) Golgi apparatus d) smooth ER
This organelle does cellular respiration which converts glucose into usable energy--ATP
a) mitochondria b) chloroplast c) lysosomes d) smooth ER
This organelle does photosynthesis which converts solar energy into the chemical energy of Glucose.
a) chloroplast b) mitohcondria c) peroxisome d) vacuole
This organelle mainly stores materials for the cell. In plant cells, they can store water, pigments and toxins.
a) vacuole b) vesicle c) Golgi apparatus d) chloroplast
This organelle breaks down invading bacteris, viruses, and damaged or worn-out cell parts
a) lysosome b) peroxisome c) vesicle d) smooth ER
This cell structure produces microtubules and anchors the spindle during cell division
a) centrosome b) cell wall c) lysosomes d) vesicles
This organelle produces lipids, such as steroids, and breaks down toxins
a) smooth ER b) rough ER c) lysosomes d) Golgi apparatus
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