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What is the word for light bouncing off an object?
a) reflection b) refraction c) translucent d) waste heat
Which word means the movement of energy from one object ot another?
a) reflection b) energy transfer c) radiation d) convection
Which word describes an object that lets all light through?
a) reflection b) energy transfer c) transparent d) translucent
What is the term for light and heat traveling through space?
a) reflection b) refraction c) radiation d) conduction
Matter that only allows some light through is called _________.
a) transparent b) translucent c) opaque d) light
Matter that allows no light to pass through is called ___________.
a) transparent b) translucent c) opaque d) energy transfer
The circular movement of heat through liquids or gases as it rises and falls is ________.
a) energy transfer b) conduction c) convection d) radiation
Light always travels in a _________________ line.
a) wavy b) curved c) loopy d) straight
The bending of light as it passes from one material to another is called _________.
a) convection b) reflection c) radiation d) refraction
Heat that can't be used to do work is _______________.
a) waste heat b) radiation c) reflection d) convection
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