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General Works
a) 300s b) 000s c) 800s d) 100s
Arts and Recreation
a) 000s b) 100s c) 900s d) 700s
History and Geography
a) 900s b) 800s c) 700s d) 500s
Social Sciences and Government
a) 000s b) 200s c) 300s d) 600s
Religion and Mythology
a) 400s b) 200s c) 600s d) 800s
Technology and Applied Sciences
a) 500s b) 600s c) 700s d) 100s
a) 400s b) 600s c) 700s d) 800s
a) 100s b) 200s c) 300s d) 400s
Philosophy and Psychology
a) 100s b) 300s c) 800s d) 600s
Natural Science and Mathematics
a) 600s b) 200s c) 500s d) 900s
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