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The Byzantine Empire was a blend of which cultures?
a) French, Italian, English b) Chinese, Japanese, Korean c) Greek, Roman, Middle Eastern d) Islamic, Roman, Mongolian
Emperor Justinians code of law was taken from which of the following almost word for word.
a) Hammurabi's Code of Mesopotamia b) Roman Twelve Tables c) English Magna Carta d) The Vedas of India
Which group was most responsible for the destruction of the Byzantine Empire?
a) Crusaders b) Islamic Empire c) The Catholic Church d) The Mongols
The respect for family, valuing of education, and loyalty to government are all traits of which belief system?
a) Hinduism b) Buddhism c) Confucianism d) Daoism
The Great Schism resulted in the formal creation of which two religious sects of Christianity?
a) Calivinism and Mormonism b) Roman Catholic and Lutheranism c) Eastern Orthodox and Baptist d) Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox
How were Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta similar?
a) missionaries b) explored large areas c) engineers d) slaves
Which continent did the Black Death come originate (begin/start) from?
a) Europe b) Africa c) America d) Asia
The Silk Road connected which parts of the world?
a) America, Australia, Europe b) Europe, Africa, Asia c) America, Europe, Africa d) Africa, Asia, America
China's Golden Age was similar to the Pax Mongolica and Pax Romana in which way?
a) lots of conflict b) decline (lower) in wealth c) decline (lower) in safety/stability d) increase in BOTH wealth and stability/safety
Why did China start printing paper money?
a) it was cheap b) they ran out of metal for coins c) their religion said so d) paper lasts longer than metal money
The Mongol Empire made which trade network safe and stable?
a) Silk Road b) Islamic c) Jewish d) European
The Mongolian Empire was created by which person below.
a) Ibn Battuta b) Genghis Khan c) Marco Polo d) Kublai Khan
Which Mongolian Ruler adopted Chinese customs and served as Emperor of China?
a) Genghis Khan b) Marco Polo c) Kublai Khan d) Ibn Battuta
Mongolian armies were known for which of the following?
a) Horsemanship and Siege Warfare b) fairness and compassion c) machine guns and tanks d) heavy armor and jousting
The Mongols accomplished all of the following EXCEPT for...
a) conquering China b) uniting most of Asia c) advances in warfare technology d) conquering Japan
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