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Which of the following is not referred to when finding a star's location using celestial coordinates?
a) right ascension b) celestial equator c) gnomon d) declination
A type of telescope mount that allows the viewer to follow a star with only one telescope motion is the
a) Dobsonian mount. b) equatorial mount. c) altazimuth mount. d) polar mount.
This is also known as celestial latitude.
a) alpha b) Andromeda c) declination d) magnitude
This is a large mass of dust and gases in space..
a) nebula b) nova c) parallax d) pulsar
This is the measure of a brightness of a star.
a) alpha b) nebula c) proper motion d) magnitude
This is the galaxy that contains the earth's sun.
a) Andromeda b) Milky Way c) alpha d) pulsar
This is a star's real movement across the sky (perpendicular to the line of sight).
a) parallax b) proper motion c) radial motion d) right ascension
This is star movement directly toward or away from the observer (parallel to the line of sight).
a) radial motion b) proper motion c) parallax d) declination
This is a spinning neutron star that gives out strong, rapidly changing radio signals.
a) nebula b) nova c) pulsar d) parallax
This is a star that sometimes increases many magnitudes in brilliance for a period of time, then returns to its normal brihgtness.
a) nova b) supernova c) nebula d) pulsar
Astronomers determine a star's red shift in order to determine its temperature.
a) True. b) False. c) d)
The star with the greatest apparent magnitude is the sun.
a) True. b) False. c) d)
The human eye is more sensitive to light than the best CCD camera.
a) True. b) False. c) d)
Sir Isaac Newton discovered that white light is made up of various colors.
a) True. b) False. c) d)
The first telescopes used lenses rather than mirrors to gather light.
a) True. b) False. c) d)
Refractor telescopes can have greater light-gathering ability than reflectors.
a) True. b) False. c) d)
Right ascension increases as one looks west of the prime hour circle.
a) True. b) False. c) d)
A star with a negative magnitude is brighter than a star with a positive magnitude.
a) True. b) False. c) d)
An eclipsing binary is actually two stars.
a) True. b) False. c) d)
What is a stationary, pole-like device used to determine the position and motion of the sun by the shadow it casts.
a) quadrant b) meniscus mirror c) altazimuth d) gnomon
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