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the distance through the center of a circle
a) symmetry b) perimeter c) diameter d)
a final section at the end of a book
a) epilogue b) monologue c) dialogue d)
very serious and dangerous, likely to grow and spread
a) dismal b) malignant c) malnourish d)
an unfair feeling of dislike for a person or group
a) perjury b) prejudice c) juror d)
very bad or poor
a) malfunction b) dismal c) malignant d)
a long speech spoken by one person
a) dialogue b) monologue c) epilogue d)
a member of a group that decides a court verdict
a) perjury b) juror c) prejudice d)
the outside edge of an area or surface
a) symmetry b) perimeter c) diameter d)
two sides or halves that are the same or very close in size, shape and position
a) symmetry b) perimeter c) diameter d)
to fail to function or work properly
a) malignant b) dismal c) malfunction d)
Words spoken by two or more characters in a story, movie or play
a) monologue b) epilogue c) dialogue d)
Telling a lie in court after promising to tell the truth
a) juror b) perjury c) prejudice d)
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