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Lennie doesn't fight back until which character tells him to?
a) George b) Slim c) Carlson d) Curley's wife
On the future ranch, who is going to tend the rabbits?
a) Lennie b) George c) Candy d) Crooks
On the future ranch, who is going to do all the cooking and gardening?
a) Lennie b) George c) Candy d) Curley's wife
In Of Mice and Men, why isn't Curley's wife given a proper name?
a) Steinbeck forgot to name her. b) She is given a proper name. It is Jane. c) Women didn't have many rights back then, so she is seen as her husband's property. d) Steinbeck couldn't think of a good name.
Curley's wife most likely comes in and talks to the ranch hands because she is ________.
a) happily married b) crazy c) lonely d) angry
Candy's dog is really old and is suffering, so Carlson shoots it. This is most similar to what modern-day practice?
a) murder b) euthanasia/mercy killing c) abuse d) death penalty
How much is Candy willing to contribute to the farm?
a) $150 b) $250 c) $350 d) $5,000
Several years ago, this character lost his hand in an accident on the ranch.
a) Candy b) Curley c) Carlson d) Crooks
Which character gives Lennie a puppy?
a) Carlson b) Candy c) Slim d) Crooks
Who wants to join George and Lennie on their future ranch?
a) Carlson b) Slim c) Curley's wife d) Candy
Which character best understands the relationship between George and Lennie?
a) Slim b) Curley c) Carlson d) the Boss
What card game does George play more than all the others?
a) Go Fish b) Poker c) Hearts d) Solitaire
Why does Curley fight Lennie?
a) He doesn't like Lennie's face. b) He thinks Lennie is laughing at him. c) Lennie stole Curley's wife. d) Lennie punched Curley first.
Who kills Candy's dog?
a) Slim b) Curley c) Candy d) Carlson
Who starts the fight?
a) Curley b) Lennie c) George d) Carlson
Lennie breaks Curley's __________.
a) leg b) neck c) hand d) heart
When asked about his hand, what is Curley supposed to say?
a) Lennie broke it. b) He got it caught in a machine. c) A horse stepped on it. d) He got hurt while boxing.
Which word means to put to death?
a) anguished b) lynch c) bemused d) scoff
Which word means confused or bewildered?
a) scoffed b) anguished c) lynched d) bemused
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