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a plan or suggestion
a) proposal b) debate c) union d) resolve
a condition or state of affairs
a) debate b) situation c) union d) convention
people chosen to speak or act for others
a) representatives b) committees c) situation d) resolve
joining two or more of something together
a) convention b) union c) situation d) debate
groups of people chosen to do certain work
a) resolve b) committees c) debate d) convention
a formal meeting for a special purpose
a) committees b) situation c) union d) convention
to argue or discuss
a) resolve b) debate c) situation d) union
to settle, explain, or solve something
a) proposal b) debate c) resolve d) union
Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word DEBATE?
a) agree b) dispute c) ignore d) share
Which word has almost the same meaning as the word PROPOSAL?
a) burden b) expectation c) proof d) recommendation
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