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This often happens due to all types of plate movement.
a) Volcanoes b) Earthquakes c) Mid-Ocean Ridge d) Mountains
Alfred Wegener was one of the scientists that believed and helped prove the theory of:
a) The lithosphere b) Subduction Zones c) Pangaea d) Convection Currents
Which part of Pangaea means land?
a) Pan b) ga c) gea d) Pang
About how long ago did Pangaea exist?
a) 200 thousand years b) 200 years c) 50 million years d) 250 million years
Which layer is a solid, but has characteristics of a liquid?
a) Asthenosphere b) Lithosphere c) Crust d) Core
What does the lithosphere consist of?
a) Inner and Outer core b) Top and bottom part of the mantle c) Top part of the mantle and crust d) Oceanic Crust and Continental Crust
Layers of the Earth
a) A b) c) d)
Convergent Plate Boundary
a) A b) c) d)
Divergent Plate Boundary
a) A b) c) d)
Transform Plate Boundary
a) A b) c) d)
Tectonic Plates
a) A b) c) d)
Oceanic Crust
a) A b) c) d)
Continental Crust
a) A b) c) d)
Outer Core
a) A b) c) d)
Inner Core
a) A b) c) d)
a) A b) c) d)
a) A b) c) d)
Convection Cells
a) A b) c) d)
Subduction Zone
a) A b) c) d)
Lithospheric Plates
a) A b) c) d)
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