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What were the pyramid like temples that looked like wedding cakes that the Mesopotamians built called?
a) Steles b) Ziggurats c) Step-Pyramids d) Mastabas
What were people who wrote things down for a living called?
a) Scribes b) Priests c) Slaves d) Conscripts
Who formed the worlds first army?
a) Hammurabi b) Sargon c) Gilgamesh d) Nebuchadnezzar
Who was the worlds first civilization?
a) The Sumerians b) The Akkadians c) The Babylonians d) The Assyrians
What was the worlds first writing called?
a) Pictographs b) Hieroglyphics c) Cuneiform d) Latin
What is the worship of many different gods called?
a) Monotheism b) Polytheism c) Atheism d)
What was the worlds first law code called?
a) Hammurabi's Code b) Standard of Ur c) Epic of Gilgamesh d) The Ram in the Thicket
The people of ancient Mesopotamia are famous for living in these...
a) Ziggurats b) Plains c) City-States d) Division of Labors
When people are able to do different jobs and specialize in different areas, this is called...
a) Social Hierarchy b) Division of Labor c) Polytheism d) Assimilation
What are horse drawn carriages that are used in battle called?
a) Infantry's b) Levee's c) Chariots d) Phalanx
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