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Text that helps you to do something such as cookbooks and directions is called
a) informational text b) fiction c) functional text (How-To) d) myth
Words in a sentence that have the same beginning sounds is called an
a) Alliteration b) Onomatopoeia c) Hyperbole d) Simile
A comparison not like or as
a) Metaphor b) Simile c) Hyperbole d) Personification
The eagle screamed through the clouds trying to warn its babies.
a) Hyperbole b) Simile c) Personification d) Metpahor
A word that sounds like a noise is called
a) Alliteration b) Onomatopoiea c) Exaggeration d) Simile
In the back of the book, tells the definition of some of the important words that you read.
a) Table of contents b) glossary c) index d) caption
Text that tells you facts about topics that you want to know, such as a textbook is
a) funtional text b) fictional text c) informational text d) predicting
Information that really happened are
a) opinions b) facts c) predictions d) inferences
A comparison of two things using like or as
a) metaphor b) onomatopoeia c) simile d) hyperbole
SCREEEECH!! I can't believe you ran over my foot with the car.
a) Alliteration b) Simile c) Metaphor d) Onomatopoiea
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