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My students send silly signals while snoring in science. This is an
a) Alliteration b) Hyperbole c) Onomatopoeia d) Simile
This is found in the back of the book and tells what page important words are located.
a) Table of Contents b) Chart and Graph c) Index d) Glossary
Words near a picture that describe that picture are called
a) Index b) Table of Contents c) Index d) Caption
Stories that are true and written about real life events are called
a) Fiction b) Myth c) Non Fiction d) Index
A graphic that shows events listed in order on a line
a) Bar graph b) Chart c) Caption d) Timeline
When you make a guess using the clues that the author gives you, you are
a) inferring b) summarizing c) main idea d) table of contents
When you try to figure out what is going to happen next, you are
a) table of contents b) main idea c) summarizing d) predicting
Something that someone feels is true even though it may not be is their
a) fact b) opinion c) index d) summarizing
Information that you find in each paragraph that helps you discover the main idea/claim are
a) evidence/important details b) main idea c) not important details d) summarizing
Putting all of the important details together and discover what the article was about.
a) important details b) summarizing c) main idea d) inferring
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