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Thermal energy is
a) the total amount (movement) of particles in a substance b) how hot something is c) the average amount of particles in a substance d)
Temperature is (scientific defintion)
a) either hot or cold b) average kinetic energy (movement) of molecules c) transfers from object to object d)
Heat always travels from....
a) cooler to warmer b) cooler to cooler c) back and forth d) warmer to cooler
Describe how heat is transfered when you hold a candy bar.
a) I was right b) I was wrong c) d)
When a substance has a high temperature and is hot the molecules
a) have a small amount of kinetic energy b) has a large amount of kinetic energy c) kinetic energy cannot be calculated d)
Which has more thermal energy, an igloo or a piece of paper burning?
a) Igloo b) paper burning c) neither d) both
Finish the sentence More particles=more
a) I was right b) I was wrong c) d)
Your hot piece of pizza was hot but is now cool, what happened? (be specific)
a) I was right b) I was wrong c) d)
State the rule for heat transfer
a) I was right b) I was wrong c) d)
What is heat measured in? (remember it is energy)
a) Fahrenheit b) Kelvin c) Joules d) Celcius
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