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when you have choices or alternatives
a) options b) risk c) scarce d) inquire
when you complete a task successfully
a) express b) accomplish c) profit d) encircle
when you go back over your steps
a) portraits b) sparkles c) whirl d) retrace
when you feel nervous and worried about what may happen
a) anxious b) loan c) prosper d) bouquet
when someone or something draws your attention away
a) prosper b) anxious c) navigate d) distracted
you find your way through an area
a) retrace b) navigate c) whirl d) scarce
to figure out something that is difficult
a) fussy b) navigate c) decipher d) retrace
when people come together
a) assemble b) portraits c) anxious d) options
when you do well and become successful
a) bouquet b) express c) prosper d) options
to say or show something
a) express b) risk c) distracted d) assemble
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