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What does ephemeral mean
a) momentary, fleeting b) direct c) shaped like a circle d) intelligent
What does condescending mean?
a) to talk down to b) to praise c) to be excited for d) to worry about
What does emulate mean?
a) to copy, to act like b) spider-like c) hard-working d) sweet-smelling
What does clairvoyant mean?
a) able to see the future b) waterproof c) outerspace d) to work together
What does Disdain mean?
a) to regard with hatred b) not that stain c) urge, compulsion d) trouble maker
What does discredit mean?
a) disgrace, dishonor b) distort, dismiss c) without hesitation d) not that credit
What does censure mean?
a) to criticize harshly and formally b) to reward c) to count by tens d) a period of 100 years
What does Camaraderie mean?
a) friendship b) warrior c) Russian d) enemy
What does deleterious mean
a) harmful b) texture c) moving apart d) weakening
What does empathy mean?
a) to share feelings b) common enemy c) lucky d) nameless
What does divergent mean?
a) moving apart b) joining of parts c) having multiple parts d) improve, augment
What does digression mean
a) to stray from the point b) to go directly in a straight line c) to travel by air d) to purchase with credit
What does demagogue mean?
a) rabble-rousing; troublemaking b) immortal c) lucky d) arrogant
What does deleterious mean?
a) harmful b) friendly c) difficult d) simplistic
What does conformist mean?
a) one who does what everyone else does b) to tear apart c) travelling by air d) one who goes under
What does evanescent mean?
a) short lived, as an image b) tiring, weakening c) bubbly, outgoiong d) a ghost
What does compassion mean?
a) sympathy; mercy b) anger; vengeance c) love; passion d) sadness; depression
What does exaspiration mean?
a) irritation, frustration b) sweating c) to talk down to d) joining of parts
What does enhance mean?
a) improve, augment b) follow an example c) hard-working d) hatred
What does enervating mean?
a) tiring, weakening b) nervous, jumpy c) energetic d) frustrating, irritating
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