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Which of the following is NOT microscopic:
a) Fungi b) All of the choices are microscopic c) Bacteria d) Protist
What is another word for organisms that can make their own food:
a) consumers b) herbivores c) heterotroph d) autotroph
Which of the following is NOT a member of the plant-like protist group:
a) euglena b) slime mold c) red, green, brown, algae d) diatom
This group of animal-like protists has thin little hairs that help them move around and an example is a Paramecium:
a) dinoflagellates b) psuedopods c) ciliates d) water molds
animal-like Protist group that has false feet that help them move, an example would be an ameoba:
a) dinoflagellates b) pseudopods c) slime molds d) ciliates
Fungi that feed off the dead are decomposers, they are also called:
a) saprophytes b) photosynthetics c) autotrophs d) fungocytes
Which of the following is a fungus and NOT a bacteria?
a) streptococcus b) spirilla c) yeast d) bacillus lactis
Which of the following means no nucleus
a) prokaryote b) autotroph c) heterotroph d) eukaryote
Where is the BEST place to find a protist?
a) your backyard b) in the air c) a sample of pond water d) growing on wood
Which of the following is NOT a kingdom we have studied:
a) Protista b) Fungi c) Monera d) Animalia
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