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meeting where the people who want to be President talk about important issues
a) debate b) political party c) ballot d) election
when people choose the person they want to have a job
a) election b) polling place c) debate d) White House
where people go to vote
a) polling place b) debate c) ballot d) election
saying who you want to win
a) vote b) Vice President c) President d) debate
a group of people who believe in the same things
a) political party b) ballot c) Washington DC d) President
the leader of the country
a) President b) Vice President c) Washington DC d) ballot
This political party's symbol is the donkey
a) democrats b) republicans c) president d) white house
the capitol of the USA where the government works
a) Washington DC b) President c) Vice President d) ballot
this political party's symbol is the elephant
a) democrats b) republicans c) President d) White House
what people use to vote
a) ballot b) polling place c) election d) debate
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