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When a large amount of water has been lost or removed
a) dehydrated b) hydrate c) hydraulic d)
The black lead in a penci is called
a) autograph b) graphite c) graffiti d)
To refuse to believe or accept something
a) eject b) project c) reject d)
The _________________ lifting mechanism needs fluid.
a) hydrate b) dehydrated c) hydraulic d)
_______________ energy keeps Earth's interior hot.
a) geography b) geothermal c) geologist d)
The natural features, population, culture of a regioin
a) geologist b) geography c) geothermal d)
To push or force something out
a) reject b) project c) eject d)
pictures or words drawn on a wall or building
a) graffiti b) graphite c) autograph d)
A scientist that studies rocks and soil
a) geography b) geologist c) geothermal d)
To cause light , a picture or a movie to appear on a surface
a) eject b) project c) reject d)
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