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What is the word for belief in more than one God
a) polytheism b) montheism c) popular d) pharoah
What were the Hebrews
a) montheistic b) polytheistic c) Egyptians d) Aztecs
Where did most early civilizations begin
a) On the fertile Cresent b) In Europe c) Under the sea d) in Mesopotamia
What contribution did Phoenicians give us?
a) alphabet b) cuneiform c) heiroglyphics d) papyrus
What dye were the Phoenicians famous for trading?
a) purple b) blue c) green d) yellow
What navigation did the Phoenicians use first
a) Use of the North Star b) Calling Mermaids c) Finding Nemo d) Using the Compass rose
Who were Hebrew Patriarchs
a) Abraham, Issac, Jacob b) Washington, Lincoln, Benjamin c) Jefferson, Monroe, Jackson d) Moses, Mary, Joseph
Why did Egyptians mummify the dead
a) To prep for the after life b) To save for mueseums c) To hide treasure for theives d) To prepare for the end times
What two religions came from Judaism?
a) Christianity and Islam b) monarchy, theocracy c) Valentines day and Halloween d) Buddhism and Nazism
What was Canaan called by God when he made a covenant with Abraham
a) Promised Land b) Covenant Land c) Descendant Land d) New Home
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