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What is a fact?
a) act means a true piece of information as used as part of a report or evidence. b) Fact is something I think. c) d)
What word means to give assistance to?
a) fact b) support c) loan d)
What word means a compartment for the pilot and sometimes the crew?
a) aviator b) runway c) car d) cockpit
What word means having more fingers or toes as usual?
a) Polly Pocket b) Polychromatic c) Polydactyl d)
What word means having many colors?
a) polygon b) polychromatic c) polygraph d)
What word means having many syllables?
a) polychromatic b) polysyllabic c) polygon d)
What word means having many sides?
a) polygraph b) polysyllabic c) polyhedron d)
Where was the setting of Amelia and Eleanor Go for A Ride?
a) Atlanta, GA b) Washington, D.C. c) New York, New York d)
What were the two adventurous activities that the women liked to do?
a) cook and clean b) fly airplanes and drive cars c) talk on the cell phone and surf the internet d)
What was Amelia known for during her time?
a) The first woman to drive a car across the United States b) The first woman to fly a plane from Washington, D.C. to New York c) The first woman to fly by herself across the Atlantic Ocean. d)
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