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Condition of being uncertain.
a) uncertainty b) not sure c) crazy d)
a bitter quarrel
a) fight b) feud c) disagreement d)
something invented or made up
a) not real b) make believe c) figment d)
operating by energy from the sun
a) solar b) wince c) hoarding d)
to express in greater detail
a) elaborate b) explain c) share d)
hastily without thinking
a) rush b) headlong c) hurry d)
to start invouluntarily becuase of pain
a) flinch b) wince c) jump d)
grave consequence or seriousness
a) gravity b) mean c) serious d)
necessary to the continuation of life
a) vital b) crucial c) serious d)
change form or appearance
a) transform b) change c) makeover d)
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