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To change the font, locate the ____ group on the Home tab on the Ribbon
a) font b) edit c) proofing d) save
If you want to use a font size that is not on the drop-down menu of the Font Size box, type the point size directly in the Font Size box, and then press the____ key.
a) Enter b) Alt+C c) F2 d) Tab
The colors in the palettes all have names. You can see the names by pointing to each color to see its ____.
a) Screen Tip b) Dialog Box c) Toolbar d) Status Bar
To change text to italic, press the ____ keys.
When you remove a style, the ____ Style is automatically applied
a) Normal Quick b) Right c) Quick d) Microsoft 100
You can copy the format of selected text to other text by using the _______.
a) Format Painter b) Quick Style c) Mini Toolbar d) Font Dialog Box
Remember that you create a new paragraph every time you press ____________________, so a paragraph can be a single line or even one word.
a) Color Palette b) Enter c) Live Preview d)
A _____________________________ is a coordinated set of colors available for use in a document
a) Color Palette b) Enter c) Live Preview d)
If you have selected text in the document first, you can point to each font to use _______________________, the Microsoft Office feature that enables you to watch the selected text change in the document without actually making the change.
a) Color Palette b) Enter c) Live Preview d)
Helps you enhance or clarify your text by using effects such as shadows and superscripts.
a) Font Size b) Font Style c) Font d) Font Effect
The height of characters is measured in units called points.
a) Font Size b) Font Style c) Font d) Font Effect
Designs of type.
a) Font b) Font Size c) Font Style d) Font Effect
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