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The Earth is how many million miles from the earth.
a) 93 b) 117 c) 78 d) 200
The earth is unique in our solar system because…
a) it has an atmosphere b) it is ¾ water and ¼ land c) it supports life d) None of the above
How many layers are there to the earth?
a) One b) Three c) Four d) Five
Which of Earth’s layers is the largest?
a) Mantle b) Crust c) Inner Core d) Outer Core
Magma can be found in what layer of the Earth?
a) Inner Core b) Outer Core c) Mantle d) Curst
Which of these are not one of the Earth’s seven continents?
a) Australia b) Africa c) Asia d) Arcadia
What is the largest of the continents?
a) Asia b) Europe c) North America d) South America
True or False? The surface of Earth is stationary and never moves.
a) True b) False c) d)
In plate tectonics, a colliding, or convergent, movement can result in the formation of…
a) Valles b) Fault lines c) Mountains d) Volcanoes
In plate tectonics, a spreading movement can result in…
a) the formation of mountains b) plates moving away from each other c) plates sliding against each other d) plates moving toward each other
What is the name that Alfred Wegener gave to the large continent that he believed was once made up of all the continents many many years ago.
a) Prada b) Pagoda c) Prosida d) Pangaea
Alfred Wegener suggested that Pangaea divided and drifted apart how many years ago?
a) 1 million b) 100 million c) 200 million d) 250 million
a) are vibrations called shock waves b) happen when rocks along fault lines slide apart and break up c) are sudden movements of the Earth’s surface d) All of the above
Earthquakes can be triggered by…
a) Waves b) the Jolly Green Giant c) Volcanoes d) Both A and C
What is the Ring of Fire?
a) a zone around the rim of the Pacific Ocean that has active volcanoes and earthquakes b) a zone along the West coast of North and South America with active volcanoes and earthquakes c) a zone around the rim of the Atlantic Ocean that has active volcanoes and earthquakes d) A zone along the East coast of Asia and Australia with active volcanoes and earthquakes
True or False? A volcanoes form when magma pushes through the crust and fills a chamber until the pressure becomes too great and the volcano erupts.
a) True b) False c) d)
True or False? Chemical weathering is caused by chemical reactions between the minerals in the rock and elements in the air or water.
a) True b) False c) d)
True or False? Erosion is the wearing away and movement of weathered materials from one place to another by wind, water, and ice.
a) True b) False c) d)
Glaciers are…
a) Slow moving warm water b) slow-moving masses of ice c) fast-moving masses of ice d) Fast moving ice cold water
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