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the technology used to adapt and alter organisms and biological processes for a desired outcome
a) bio b) thermal c) optical d) mechanical
a _________ system is a group of resources working together to solve problems and extend human capabilities
a) technology b) systems c) ideas d) capabilities
______ technology is the technology of using small amounts of electricity for controlling, detecting, and information collecting
a) electronic b) electrical c) mechanical d) structural
_____ technology is the technology of producing, altering, and combining materials
a) mechanical b) material c) structural d) optical
_____ technology is the technology of putting together mechanical parts to produce, control and transmit motion
a) thermal b) optical c) mechanical d) fluid
_____ technology is the technology of producing, storing, controlling, transmitting and getting work from heat energy
a) thermal b) optical c) fluid d) structural
7. Think of them as different books on specific subjects, that the combined knowledge from different books can be used to ____ a product or system
a) ideas b) improve c) think d) create
8. _____ technology is technology of putting mechanical parts and materials together to create supports, containers, shelters, connectors and functional shapes
a) structural b) mechanical c) material d) fluid
9. The ____ technologies are the building blocks of all technology systems
a) main b) core c) important d) transparent
10. ____ technology is technology of producing light
a) optical b) thermal c) fluid d) electrical
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