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There_____ one girl in the park
a) is b) aren't c) are d) is a
_________ two pencils in your pencil case?
a) is there b) there is c) are there d) there are
__________ an exam on monday.
a) isn't there b) there isn't c) there aren't d) there are two
_______ some flowers in the garden.
a) tehre are b) there is c) there is a d) there are
________ two books in your bag?
a) is there b) there are c) are there d) isn't there
__________ any lion in the school.
a) there isn't b) there is c) there are d) there aren't
_________ pictures in the box.
a) there is b) there are c) there are a d) there is a
there__________ teacher in the class.
a) is a one b) is a c) are a d) isn't a one
In my house_________ a swimming pool
a) there isn't b) there are c) there is a d) terhe isn't
_______ 25 students in the class?
a) is there b) there are c) there is d) are there
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