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the stem that means out, out of, outside
a) co b) ex c) dis d) com
to go out beyond; to be outside and beyond what is expected
a) emit b) exceed c) erupt d) extrordinary
If you spend all of your money, you will not be able to buy the game that you want. You will spend over the amount that you were not supposed to.
a) emit b) exceed c) erupt d) exclude
The firemen worked hard to get rid of the fire.
a) extinguish b) emit c) exclude d) exceed
The volcano's lava flowed throughout the island, destroying everything in its path.
a) exclude b) emit c) erupt d) exhale
to put out a fire; to bring to an end
a) extinguish b) emit c) extingish d) exceed
to leave out
a) expand b) expect c) exclude d) exhale
What word is described. The pizza gave off an aroma so good that all of us on the trip went to the pizza restaurant.
a) erupt b) emit c) erupt d) exclude
What word is being described. I decided to leave the chocolate cake at home since I was taking three other cakes to the bake sale.
a) exceed b) erupt c) emit d) exclude
to stretch out; to make or become larger
a) emit b) erupt c) expand d) exhale
to breathe out
a) exhale b) inhale c) exale d) erupt
to force out or release something; to explode
a) eject b) exclude c) emit d) erupt
to send out something like a sound or smell
a) eject b) erupt c) emit d) exceed
Stem that means out, out of, outside
a) co b) dis c) e d) ec
to throw out with force, authority, or influence
a) eject b) exceed c) excalibur d) emit
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