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What is a Graphical User Interface (GUI)?
a) An interface allowing you to use text only to navigate b) An interface allowing you to use a mouse and graphical icons to navigate c) An interface allowing you to use hand gestures and facial features to navigate d)
What are packets?
a) Data that is sent from one computer to a destination over the Internet or a network b) The same as an IP address c) A piece of hardware that allows data to go from one computer to another d)
What does a firewall do?
a) Prevents people from gaining access to your computer through the Internet b) Keeps you safe from fire. c) Gives wifi connection to multiple computers d)
What is an IP address?
a) An email address b) A physical hardware address that matches several computers together c) A unique identifier allowing computers to communicate over the Internet d)
What is an ISP?
a) A packet sent through a router b) Internet Service Provider c) Hardware that connects you to the internet d)
What is the primary piece of hardware you need to connect to the Internet other than your computer?
a) modem b) router c) terminal server d)
Putting a hyphen(-) at the beginning of keywords when doing a search does what?
a) Only looks for results with that word in it b) Gives results that have words similar to that keyword c) Excludes search results with that keyword in it d) Includes extra definitions of the keyword in the results
Quotation marks around a search phrase does what?
a) Excludes words from the search that are in the quotations b) Searches for websites that have the complete phrase in them exactly as in the quotes c) Shows the help menu to find the phrase d)
Which of the following is a navigation button in a browser?
a) Start button b) Shift key c) Function key d) Back button
Tabs allow you to see several pages in one window.
a) True b) False c) d)
Which of the following is a plug-in?
a) Flash player b) Microsoft Word c) Google Sheets d)
What is an SSID?
a) Service Solution Identification, an encryption password b) Solving Secure Investment, a router that lets you connect to the network c) Service Set Identifier, it is the name of a wireless network. d)
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