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An animal that does not move
a) sessile b) metamorphosis c) parasite d) host
An organism in the animal kingdom that changes forms as they mature
a) metamorphosis b) sessile c) parasite d) host
An organism that harms others to gain energy
a) parasite b) host c) kingdom d) sessile
An organism that is harmed from a parasite
a) host b) parasite c) kingdom d) species
the second largest of the classification group
a) kingdom b) species c) classification d) binomial nomenclature
the smallest of the classification group
a) species b) kingdom c) classification d) binomial nomenclature
two part naming system including the genus and species
a) binomial nomenclature b) classification c) trace d) shift
grouping organisms that are similar
a) classification b) binomial nomenclature c) trace d) shift
small amount or find a way
a) trace b) shift c) sessile d) metamorphosis
to move
a) shift b) trace c) kingdom d) classification
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