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An invisible line through the Earth from East to West.
a) Axis b) Hemisphere c) Inference d) Equator
Using your 5 senses to learn about an object.
a) Quantitative b) Inference c) Hemisphere d) Qualitative
Using numbers and measurements to learn about an object.
a) Qualitative b) Quantitative c) Hemisphere d) Inference
Using observations to make an educated guess about an object.
a) Qualitative b) Equator c) Quantitative d) Inference
23.5 degree angle of the Earth
a) Tilt b) Hemisphere c) Axis d) Rotate
Half of the Earth
a) Sphere b) Hemisphere c) Tilt d) Equator
An invisible line running from North to South through the middle of the Earth.
a) Tilt b) Rotate c) Axis d) Equator
One circle around the Sun.
a) Orbit b) Rotate c) Tilt d) Revolution
When the Earth spins in one place on its axis.
a) Revolve b) Orbit c) Rotate d) Tilt
The continuous circling of the Earth around the Sun.
a) Orbit b) Hemisphere c) Revolution d) Rotate
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