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The first and greatest influence on your self-concept when you are young are your_____________
a) Neighbors b) Cousins c) Parents/Guardians d) None of the above
Something that causes stress is....
a) Homework b) Siblings c) Tests d) All of the above
What can a person do to decrease stress is?
a) Workout b) Listen to music c) Read a book d) All of the above
The fight or flight response prepares your body to deal with a stressor.
a) True b) False c) d)
Another term for that mean positive stress is called?
a) Distress b) Healthy c) Negative d) Eustress
A ________________self-concept gives you confidence.
a) Positive b) Negaitve c) Both A and B d) Neither A and B
Dealing with peer pressure is easier if you practice __________________.
a) hormones b) skills c) Self esteem d) refusal skills
Mood swings, or ___________________, are common for young people.
a) Decisions b) Emotional shifts c) Express d) None of the above
A __________________ is a powerful chemical, produced by glands, that regulates many body functions.
a) absitinence b) hormone c) Refusal skills d) All of the above
A positive self concept helps you make confident ______________.
a) Decisions b) Self esteem c) Self concept d) Reinforce
Positive message will ________________ your self concept.
a) Self esteem b) Self concept c) Reinforce d) Emotions
One way to help yourself develop a positive self concept is to have __________________ expectations.
a) Realistic b) Self Esteem c) Parents d) Reinforce
The view you have of yourself is your______________.
a) Decisions b) Realistic c) Self Concept d) Reinforce
The ability to like and respect yourself is called _______________.
a) Self esteem b) Expectations c) Hormones d) Parents/Guardians
Your self esteem is the view you have of yourself.
a) True b) False c) d)
Dealing with peer pressure is easier if you practice_______________.
a) Emotional shifts b) Refusal skills c) Self esteem d) All of the above
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