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Chemical weathering changes a rock's
a) texture b) composition c) exfoliation d) pore space
Which climate type has conditions for the fastest chemical weathering?
a) cold, wet b) cold, dry c) hot, wet d) hot, dry
What created the Great Lakes?
a) mass wasting b) longshore drift c) wind d) glaciers
Which of the following cause abrasion?
a) alpine glaciers only b) continental glaciers only c) both alpine and continental glaciers d) neither alpine nor continental glaciers
The pulling force that causes mass wasting is
a) water b) radiation c) wind d) gravity
Soils made up of loess are typically
a) part of a moraine b) formed in sinkholes c) good for farming d) low in minerals
The agent of erosion and deposition that forms dunes is
a) water b) wind c) pressure d) ice
A strong wind slows down and drops the particles it is carrying. This is an example of
a) precipitationq b) longshore drift c) mass wasting d) deposition
The cold, dry climate of the Arctic results in slow chemical weathering. Arctic soils tend to
a) be dark brown or black b) have many rock fragments c) be high in humus content d) have large A horizons
Tropical, desert, temperate, and arctic soils all have different characteristics because of their different
a) landforms b) climates c) horizons d) abrasions
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