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The flower has 6 petals.
a) Inference b) Observation c) d)
The bug is sleeping.
a) inference b) observation c) d)
The plant is dead.
a) Inference b) observation c) d)
My hypothesis was incorrect. This statement can be found in what section of the scientific method?
a) Hypothesis b) Data c) Conclusion d) Problem
What is the second step of the scientific method?
a) Hypothesis b) Data c) Conclusion d) Problem
Anything that can affect the outcome of the experiement- this is the definition for . . . .
a) Inference b) variable c) control d) problem
This always stays the same.
a) question b) variable c) hypothesis d) constant
Experiment where all of the conditions are kept constant except one.
a) Variable b) Constant c) Controlled Experiment d) Conclusion
This is just like the set up, but with one thing changed.
a) experiemental group b) control group c) variable d) control
This is a plan that scientist usually follow when conducting an experiment.
a) control group b) experimental group c) controlled experiment d) scientific method
In a controlled experiment, what do you call the kind of seed, kind of soil, amount of water and amount of fertilizer?
a) hypothesis b) inferences c) controls d) variables
This is what one is trying to find out and is specific and measureable.
a) problem question b) hypothesis c) conclusion d) data
This restates the question and provides an educated guess to the problem.
a) variable b) inference c) hypothesis d) conclusion
This section has numbered steps clearly telling how to do the experiment.
a) Materials b) Procedure c) Problem d) Conclusion
The information collected from observations is put in this section.
a) Materials b) Procedure c) Hypothesis d) Data
This section of the lab write up tells whether the hypothesis was supported or not.
a) Materials b) Procedure c) Problem d) Conclusion
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