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Name three of the seven classification groups.
a) kingdom, phylum, class b) nucleus, atom, plants c) plants, animals, fungus d) kingdom, traits, protists
Who developed the naming classification system?
a) Carl Marx b) Linus Genus c) Carl Linnaeus d) Rock Layer
What language are classification names written in?
a) English b) French c) Spanish d) Latin
What is evolution?
a) when an animal dies out b) when a comet hits the Earth c) when a rock layer is added d) change in living things over time
What do rock layers tell us?
a) the age of fossils b) why dinosaurs became extinct c) classification groups d) if a plant is a fungus
Which of these kingdoms does not have a nucleus?
a) protist b) bacterium c) animal d) plant
Which of these kingdoms does not move from place to place?
a) plant or fungus b) plant or protist c) protist or bacterium d) animal or plant
What is Canis familiaris?
a) the scientific name for lions b) the scientific name for birds c) the scientific name for all breeds of dogs d) the scientific name for families
If an organism has many cells it can belong to
a) protists or bacterium b) animal, plant, or fungus kingdoms c) all species d) fungus, protist or bacterium genus
Fossils are found in
a) species b) nucleus c) traits d) rock layers
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